The Society of Composers, Inc. a professional organization dedicated to the proliferation of new music.
Paul H. Muller Paul maintains a website dedicated to post-classical sacred music.
The Tryad Writers Group a team of collaborators who specialize in new theatrical and musical works.
Bob Thurston Composer/Arranger and colleague. If you direct a concert band, and you're not playing Bob Thurston's music, you're missing out.
Alan Baylock THE MAN (for cutting-edge big band charts).
sineqube composer, multi-media specialist, software developer, and fellow guitarist.
the Royal School of Church Music Promoting quality sacred music and the choirs that sing it.
Bocal Music Publisher of Schizologue for solo bassoon.
Ralph Youngmann An article about my grandfather's service in WWII. Click here for the transcript of his Library of Congress interview.
Mister Song Writer Bill and I have collaborated on music for Tryad Writers Group.
The Living Composer Project An online database of living composers.