Composer: Tadd Russo
Piece: Songs of Love and Longing (1997-2002)


Songs of Love and Longing is a collection-in-progress of vocal music based on texts of some of my favorite poets. They are collected in chronological order from the first composed to the last. While there are specific pronouns that give may give some of these songs an historically male or female point-of-view, I think that they can and should be sung by anyone. These songs can be performed in any combination and in any order.

“To____” was composed for Tim Sarsany, countertenor. “First I’ll Try Love” was commissioned by Charles Patrick Woliver for his wife, Loretta Robinson, mezzo-soprano. I composed the remainder of the collection for my wife, Erica Russo, mezzo soprano, while she was attending basic combat training as a prerequisite to joining The United States Army Field Band Soldiers’ Chorus and during her absences while on tour with the Soldiers’ Chorus.

Songs of Love and Longing (recordings to come)