Composer: Tadd Russo
Piece: Schizologue (1999)
formerly "Tout de Suite"


Schizologue was conceived as a dialogue for solo bassoon (a kind of schizophrenic monologue). In the repertoire of bassoon music, two distinct character idioms are apparent. The first is the voice of the jester—whimsical and lighthearted. The other, more serious, voice has the capacity of great lyrical and emotional range. The juxtaposition of these voices, together with a use of the extremes of range and dynamics in this piece, enable the performer to exploit every facet of the instrument. Schizologue was commissioned by Tama Kott.

Schizologue was transcribed for baritone saxophone and performed on the Society of Composers, inc. National Convention in San Antonio in 2006.

Schizologue for solo bassoon is published by Bocal Music.